» Capsule

Take your seat inside the Capsule - a theatre auditorium which seats just 6 people - and experience, through sounds heard and actions glimpsed, the performance happening on the outside, all around you. It's often dark, and you'll need to rely on your senses as the Capsule takes you on a journey through air, space and sea. Oh, and halfway through there's a twist, but we can't say too much about that...

We made this show in the cold and in the dark. We made it out of the tatty sets of old shows, and from the bits of card and fluffy gaffer tape we found on the floor. We made it for a cast of actors that we didn’t have, and for a space we didn’t own. We made it with the favours of friends and the good will of strangers. We made it because it’s a difficult time, and because we don’t know what’s coming. But we mainly made it because we love a journey, and we love the people we meet along the way. [programme note]

Capsule was supported by the FarGo Space Programme and Warwick Arts Centre.


» audience comments

"Glowing from the most enjoyable theatre for years...the biggest theatrical surprise I've had...and that is only half way in!"

"Capsule was great – very engaging, truly unpredictable, and with a masterstroke in getting the visitors to become active...the narrative was evocative and intelligent."

"Coming to your shows makes me reluctant to go to ‘normal’ theatre, because sitting in the chair is not enough anymore!!! You make it worth it for me to keep coming to Coventry!!"

"That was really unexpected! Very cool idea - and I really like the space. I wasn't sure of the direction it was going in when watching it but then of course it made sense, and I'll be pondering this for a while."

"Absolutely lovely - a real surprise! I feel like a kid, don’t know what to do with this feeling now the show is over! Made me really smile inside. Total Joy!"


» booking information

Please download the Capsule pack for further information, including technical specification.

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