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These projects are currently in the portfolio which means that, if you are an audience member, they might turn up somewhere near you looking for an audience (hooray!). Or, if you are responsible for booking a venue, festival or event, you can book one of them. Give us a bell...


» The Whale

A giant metal Whale which swallows audiences whole, to enjoy a charming, playful and submersive theatre experience inside. Performed by a solo actor, for one person at a time, or small family groups. Surprise, delight and disbelief are the common characteristics of people on their way out!

"I loved being swallowed by a whale."

"It was very beautiful and funny."

"A Musical Poetic Whale - absolutely fantastic." [audience comments]

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» The Q

The ideal way to manage festival or event queues whilst keeping queuers entertained and happy, the Q is a walkabout show whose mischievous yet professional orange-clad operatives find inventive ways to enhance the queuing experience. At the same time, they invite us to re-evaluate this very British skill - and maybe even agitate for its inclusion as an Olympic event!

"Loved, loved, LOVED The Q. You must go and see it!" [audience comment]

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» Capsule

Take your seat inside the Capsule - a theatre auditorium which seats just 6 people - and experience, through sounds heard and actions glimpsed, the performance happening on the outside, all around you. It's often dark, and you'll need to rely on your senses as the Capsule takes you on a journey through air, space and sea. Oh, and halfway through there's a twist, but we can't say too much about that...

"Glowing from the most enjoyable theatre for years...the biggest theatrical surprise I've had...and that is only half way in!" [audience comment]

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» Trevor Goose

A ridiculous and surreal, but painfully funny, cabaret featuring the curmudgeonly Hans Christian and his six-piece band, The Andersons. Also - absent without leave - Danish junior tourism officer Trefor Nielson - dressed as a goose and hoping to pull off a celebrity-enhanced coup de thêatre...

"Dark & delightful, edging on anarchic...brilliantly alternative entertainment, full of laughter. The songs are good too!" [audience comment]

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» The Difference Engine

Talking Birds' discreet new tool for making events and performance accessible to partially-sighted, deaf or hard of hearing audience members by delivering captioning or audio description direct to their mobile device is currently being beta-tested.

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