Art for the People Citizens’ Assembly on Art, Culture & Creativity

In November 2021, Art for the People will bring together fifty people randomly selected to represent Coventry, the current UK City of Culture, in a Citizens’ Assembly to consider the question:

How will art, culture and creativity shape a better future for Coventry?

We think that Art for the People is the UK’s first Citizens’ Assembly on Arts and Culture.

The participants will hear evidence, discuss the issues, and produce recommendations that will be presented to Coventry City Council as part of the work they are doing to re-focus the Cultural Strategy. Talking Birds will also use some of the recommendations to produce and commission a number of funded pilot projects in local neighbourhoods, in order to test out the recommendations and add weight to them.

To find out more & get involved:

We will post videos and blogs as soon as we can after every session of the Assembly so that you can follow its progress – we hope that everyone in Coventry will join in the wider conversation about how our city does (or should) value and use its art, culture, creativity and imagination to shape a better future. You can let the Assembly know your thoughts via the poll (or see arrow navigation buttons below).