When we were a young company, we benefited from support and development opportunities offered by older companies and so – now we’re longer in the tooth ourselves – we think it’s only right and proper that we pay a bit of that support forwards. The main artists’ support & development we offer are: Nest Residencies & F13 Network & Third Fridays Creative Co-working & Open Cast & Nestival of Ideas (all of which you can find out about here) but we’re very approachable and happy to have a chat if you can’t find what you’re looking for. (By the way, we use the word ‘artists’ to describe anyone who is creating art in any medium, whether or not that’s a term you’d use about yourself).

Nest Residencies

Nest Residencies are designed by artists, for artists. They are simple, adaptable and flexible, and aim to focus on the early stages of idea or project development: to give space to the artistic process through supporting time to play, experiment, dream and meander. You can find out more, including how to apply here: Apply for a Nest Residency.

Third Fridays Creative Co-working

On the third Friday of the month, we open The Nest up for Creative Co-working. Bring your lunch and your laptop/book/crochet/whatever and join us from 12.30 or just pop in later for tea or coffee, or a chit-chat – it’s often these unexpected conversations and encounters that lead to magic! We’re open til 4.30pm.

About F13

The F13 (or Friday 13th) network – named after the day in 2013 that we first met, because we had to call it something – is a drop in support network for artists, freelancers and small independent companies and creative organisations based in or around Coventry.

It is convened by Talking Birds, the meetings are friendly and informal and all are welcome. We provide tea/coffee and, occasionally, cake. Sometimes we have visiting speakers or a specific agenda item, but often it’s mostly about getting to know people and making connections. We usually round off with a ‘plugfest’ where people share the projects they are working on.

Open Cast

Open Cast is an open audition/workshop for performers, which we hold more or less annually run by a visiting director. It is enjoyable unpressured CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for performers – with travel and lunch paid for, plus a small fee. In the afternoon we invite directors from other companies in the area to join us so they get a chance to meet new performers too. It’s not an audition for a specific part, but it’s a chance for us to identify talented and versatile performers to draw on for future projects.

Nestival of Ideas

A collection of 2-3 panel discussions a year, and part of our Third Fridays programme. Generally the discussions are shaped around topics or speakers we are interested in hearing more about – but we hold these as public events so that other local creatives can attend. You can find out what’s coming up here (the events are listed within our year programme).

Join F13

Talking Birds convenes F13, which is a network for independent artists, organisations and creative practitioners in Coventry & Warwickshire.

To join the email list to receive meeting notifications & minutes, please join the mailing list and tick the F13 box.

Illustration by James Bourne