The Whale | The Q | The Female Warrior | The OakMobile | Walk With Me | Song for a Phoenix

Work outdoors

These projects are currently in the portfolio which means that, if you are an audience member, they might turn up somewhere near you looking for an audience (hooray!). Or, if you are responsible for booking a venue, festival or event, you can book one of them – browse our Outdoor Arts Quick Look brochure (below), and then get in touch…

We have fully risk-assessed Covid-safe, socially-distanced versions of The Q and The Cricketers available for immediate booking, please get in touch.

The Whale

The Whale at Godiva Festival 2016

A giant metal Whale which swallows audiences whole, to enjoy a charming, playful and submersive theatre experience inside. Performed by a solo actor, for one person at a time, or small family groups. Surprise, delight and disbelief are the common reactions of people on their way out! [More details…]

“A Musical Poetic Whale – absolutely fantastic.” [audience comment]

The Q

The ideal way to manage festival or event queues whilst keeping queuers entertained and happy, the Q is a walkabout show whose mischievous yet professional orange-clad operatives find inventive ways to enhance the queuing experience.

At the same time, they invite us to re-evaluate this very British skill – and maybe even agitate for its inclusion as an Olympic event!

“Loved, loved, LOVED The Q. You must go and see it!” [audience comment]

Socially distanced queuing in Birmingham, August 2020

The Cricketers

Enjoy some top-notch urban sporting activity from Coventry UK City of Culture’s Talking Birds. Expect Googlies and the odd LBW, possibly a Dibbly Dobbly and almost certainly a Sticky Wicket once the Security Guard gets involved. Bring your own cucumber sandwiches…

Take a look at the short film here.

The OakMobile

Come inside the OakMobile and sit in a woodland glade beneath the stars for a story that takes you back to a time before time. This tale, about the origin of the seasons, reminds us the joy of reconnecting with our rightful place within the natural world.

The OakMobile was originally commissioned by the National Trust to introduce inner-city Birmingham audiences to their work – see if you can spot some of their Midlands properties in the sparkling silvery structure.

Audience comments include: “I really liked the human warmth of the story teller, her humour and the whole imagination of it” “Wheelchair access for my son was good and the multisensory experience for an autistic child was great” “Oak spaceship of stories” “I’m 50, but it made me feel like a 6 year old again!”

The OakMobile at Timber Festival in 2019

The Female Warrior

The Female Warrior in the gardens at St John’s Museum in May 2017.

THE FEMALE WARRIOR is a theatrical account of the many surprising incidents that befell the said Hannah Snell, born in 1723, and also known as James Gray, in her EXTRAORDINARY career as soldier, marine, mother, performer upon the stage & some time publican of the eponymous London tavern.

Created by Talking Birds of Coventry, based on real events in the life of Hannah Snell, aka James Gray (1723 – 1792) in collaboration with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum, Warwick and supported by West Midlands Museum Development and Arts Council England.

The Difference Engine

Talking Birds’ discreet tool for making events and performance accessible to partially-sighted, deaf or hard of hearing audience members by delivering captioning (and – in testing – audio description] direct to their mobile device. It is fully portable and can easily be operated by any member of your team for outdoor or promenade shows – more details here.

Song For A Phoenix

Olympic Torch Relay at Memorial Park

We were commissioned to make a piece to mark the arrival of the Olympic Torch Relay in Coventry, to be performed at the evening celebration in Memorial Park. Song for a Phoenix told a potted 1000 year history of Coventry, while the city was built on stage around our narrator, John Flitcroft. Then, from the Olympic cauldron (metaphorically, you understand) the Phoenix (played by Jumoké Fashola) appeared – to sing a love song to the city.

“Thought it might be difficult coming on after Torch arrival, but you smashed the ball out of the park :-)”

“ summed up the city well, not a shouty place but somewhere where significant events have occurred…”

audience comment

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