Inspired by a box of props, a piece of text and some music/sound taken from Talking Birds’ extensive back catalogue, performance companies are invited to Remix Talking Birds, through the exploration and development of something that may or may not become a ‘scratch’ performance, or even grow into something bigger. Details of how to apply can be found by clicking here.

And below are all the raw materials for you to use to inspire your submission:

1. Text

It is widely thought that there are six types of dream. Dreams of paralysis, dreams of terror, dreams of love, dreams of childhood, dreams of work, and dreams of nothing. I would like to present to you a seventh. The dream of a new existence. A new start, a clean sweep. The city where you live is changing. Blink, and you’ll miss it. Where there were eyesores there will be palaces of great beauty. Where there were traffic jams there will be places of municipal entertainment. Where there were tower blocks there will be monuments to heroic men. Stage one is underway, evacuation has begun and the wrecking balls are swinging. This is a time of rubble and cranes, a time of dust and explosions, a time of steel and glass. Not tears though. No tears. A time of rapid eye movement. But sleep peacefully good people, for in this sleep you will grow and grow, and you will wake up in a place of greatness.

[Taken from Talking Birds’ Hypnogogia, text © Nick Walker 2001]

2. Music

You can find the piece of music here.

[Danse Macabre taken from Talking Birds’ The Blink, music © Derek Nisbet 1995]

3. Selection of Props

Suitcase, sailor’s hat, sunglasses, umbrella, castle-shaped bucket with spade, wooden toy train, luggage label with cryptic message, ‘Category 3’ door sign, wooden snake, thermos flask, stethoscope, ping pong ball, pith helmet, analogue rotary dial telephone, apron, goggles, head of ‘Wellswept’ manual sweeper, with screwdriver – all used in Talking Birds’ shows between 1992 & 2022.