The Whale

Our Whale has been travelling up and down the country and swallowing audiences one at a time (or in small family groups) since 2006 and is a friendly and familiar face on the festival circuit. The Whale has also visited festivals all over the UK and Ireland – it has even taken a trip to Belgium on the Eurostar; it’s played at the RSC and the National Theatre and looks equally at home in a muddy field or a smart town centre!

“I would just like to say how much my 3 year old daughter and myself enjoyed The Whale yesterday. Having walked around Scarborough Seafest we stumbled across the Whale on the north pier, not knowing what to expect we waited in line for the next performance. My daughter was absolutely mesmerized by the gentleman’s performance as he was fascinating to watch and funny. Having left we have searched for Pilchard and held onto the map tightly. Thank you so much for opening up my child’s eyes.”

[audience comment]

“Talking Birds were a really easy company to programme: who doesn’t want a giant whale in their park or on their high street?! They were organised, contactable and always cheerful. We’d happily have them back with another creation…The Whale is a fantastic adventure for children and their grown ups. Really accessible and adaptable for those who might be a little hesitant at stepping into the mouth of a giant tin whale.”

Lyndsey Wilson, Company Manager Cultrapedia Rural Touring/Spot On Lancashire

The Whale can be sited outdoors near water, offsetting a building, or on a festival site. Audiences enter through the Whale’s opening mouth one at a time or in small family groups to experience a witty and charming 3 minute theatre show, performed by a solo actor just for them.

There are two different shows currently on offer – one suitable for all ages, and one tailored particularly to family audiences with children of 6 and under. You can book one, or the the other – or both, with the performers deciding which show is most appropriate for the incoming audience.

As well as being ideal for events involving water or environmental themes, the performance can respond to its location and context where appropriate, and can be translated into different languages, with local performers being used.

Booking information

If you’d like to make a Whale booking for this year or next, Lou is the person to speak to – you can contact her via the office or by email lou[at]talkingbirds[dot]co[dot]uk.

You can download the Whale pack for further information, including technical specification, and/or watch the Whale in action in our short video trailer.