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Throughout 2022, to mark Talking Birds’ 30th anniversary of making work in Coventry, we are giddy with excitement to finally announce Nestival – a year of activity in and around The Nest.

We’ll be making more announcements throughout 2022 but – so far – we can tell you that our very special artist designed, hand printed, limited edition Nest Bonds are now on sale; we’ve launched new Hatching, Nestival and Remix Artists’ Residencies, third-Friday co-working afternoons and the Nestival of Ideas talks programme for the Midlands’ creative community; the projects grown out of Art for the People, our Citizens’ Assembly are coming up in the next few months – and there’s much, much more to come throughout the year, so keep ’em peeled.

You’ll hear it here first, unless you sign up to our emailouts, in which case you’ll hear it there first…

Share your Talking Birds moments with us!

We certainly couldn’t have lasted this long, or got this far, without the amazing input and support of all our fantastic audiences, participants, performers, collaborators, friends and funders in Coventry and further afield – you know who you are, and we’d love to hear from you!

Please share your Talking Birds moments or memories with us via this form. We’re not quite sure what we’ll do with them yet, but we’ve got almost a year to think of something, so do please keep them coming…

The hatching of Talking Birds

L-R (back): Jim, Clare, Nick, Charlotte, Mike, Cath (front) Dave, Derek, Gordon.

Spring/summer 1992, a collective of students at Warwick Uni come together to make a show to take to the Edinburgh Fringe. The play, written and directed by New Yorker Alexandra Tolk, is inspired by Jewish folklore and features two birds who, Statler and Waldorf-like, offer wry observations on human existence. It is performed by a cast of nine at a repurposed masonic lodge at the Fringe, and although the number of cast often exceeds the number of audience, there is a late surge of interest as the show is shortlisted for the Guardian Student Drama Award.

A few months later, one of the collective is filling in the entry form for the National Student Drama Festival, to be held in Scarborough the following spring. The first two questions on the form are as follows:

‘Name of Show’ – that’s easy enough: “Talking Birds”.

‘Name of Company’ – that one is slightly more difficult: “Errr….Talking Birds…?”

In January 1993 Talking Birds, the play, is performed by Talking Birds Theatre Company at the Depot/Belgrade Studios in Coventry, and the show is selected for the NSDF.

The rest is another story…

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