Writer-in-Residence, Liz Mytton

Coventry arrives
Fifty voices in chorus
Unmuting ideas

Observe how we move
Assembly, guides and scribes
Primed for creation

Imagine yourself
Twenty-nine years further on
Inheriting joy

These haiku verses were written after the first session on Tuesday 26th October by Assembly Writer-in-Residence, Liz Mytton.

As this Citizens’ Assembly has been called by artists, and is talking about Arts & Culture, it feels natural to involve artists in every step of the process. The facilitators and scribes are individuals who work in the arts locally, and many of the Expert Witnesses that the Assembly will hear from are also artists. Our Writer-in-Residence, Liz, writes plays and poems and has worked in Coventry for a number of years, with organisations such as Talking Birds, Theatre Absolute and the Belgrade Theatre.

It turns out that the 50 Assembly participants are also a highly creative bunch (perhaps proving the point that everyone has the capability to be creative?) and the homework they brought to illustrate their hopes for future Coventry included drawings, poems and other things they had made themselves.

This session focused on what problems the Assembly participants feel Coventry has, and what it is really great at, or already doing well. There were some interesting answers – we were struck by how great a consensus there is around wanting the city to take a lead in greening up (both in terms of providing more green spaces and in stepping up to fight the climate crisis). Of course, we are on the eve of COP26 and green spaces have become more highly valued following the lockdowns, so awareness is high – but this seemed to support the finding of Climate Assemblies that generally people want politicians and decision-makers to do more on these issues than politicians and decision-makers might expect them to.

The Assembly poll, which seeks to gather opinion from the wider city, will be open until 5th November and if you haven’t already voted, we would value your input. Vote to agree/disagree with statements offered by other Coventry citizens, and add your own if your view is not represented. Find the poll here.

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