Looking forward to the weekend:

The next (and final) stage of the Assembly is the Deliberation weekend on 27th and 28th November. We have sent an info pack out in the post this week so it should be with you soon. You can also download a PDF version here.

What do I need to bring?

Notebook: Please bring your Assembly notebook, with all the notes that you have been taking throughout the Assembly as you will need these to refer to.

Stitching Homework: Please bring the stitching homework. Julia will be at The Nest at the weekend to assemble your squares and stitch them together.

Photo/text Homework: If you didn’t email your homework set by Tarla to A4TP@talkingbirds.co.uk, then please bring it with you.

Waterbottle and re-useable/insulated coffee cup if you have one, any other soft drinks or snacks you need.

Mask: for wearing in the main room and when moving about the building.

Proof of your negative Covid test: This can be the test strip itself, or a selfie taken with the negative test strip.

Loaned devices: If you borrowed a laptop and/or dongle (wifi hotspot) from us to use for the online Assembly sessions, please bring it with you.

Your artwork: If you would like to share a piece of your own artwork with your fellow Assembly members, then you are welcome to bring something (nothing too big please!). We will put together a little exhibition on the Sunday afternoon.

If after reading through the pack you have questions, please contact us – see you on Saturday!

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