March 2022

Here’s an update of where we are up to – and also – as we are starting some of the projects, I need you to suggest places in your neighbourhood where things could happen! I hope you’ll read through everything on this page and get back to me with your suggestions as soon as possible! Thanks, Janet

1. The film

FANFARE!!! Here it is:

You can share it with friends and family via this link but please don’t share the film on social media just yet, thank you!

2. Neighbourhood Creative Hubs

Would anyone be available/interested in helping to run (and bringing friends/neighbours to) a test hub over the Friday-Sunday 6th, 7th, 8th May for “Coventry Opens” weekend?

3. Green Ways

Does anyone have a particular knowledge of green walking and cycling routes in their part of the city – and who would be keen to share these with an artist we’ll commission to map routes? This would probably mean just a morning or afternoon giving the artist a little tour of your area.

4. Lighter & Brighter

Do you have some dark, unloved or underused areas or pathways near where you live that you’d like to suggest as sites where we could trial some of the temporary lighting schemes?

5. Make Something Happen Fund

Does anyone have something they would like to do in their area that could happen if you had access to £200? If so, please could you send me a couple of sentences about what that idea is?

6. School Connections

Are any of you school teachers, teaching assistants or governors? Or do any Assembly members work in Education for the City Council? Or have any connections with Careers Fairs in Coventry? If so, please could you let me know, and let me know which school you are connected with, if appropriate? (This is for the recommendation about Encounters with Arts & Culture)

7. Coventry’s Draft Cultural Strategy

Parts of the recommendations from the Citizens’ Assembly have made it into the draft Cultural Strategy which is currently out for consultation. If you are able to have a read of the document and have your say, that would be brilliant! You can find the info here, and the closing date for giving your views is 22nd April.

Thanks and we’ll be in touch again soon! As usual, if you’d really like to contribute to one of these, but finances, childcare, transport (or something else) stops you from volunteering, please do let me know – we may be able to help. You can contact me via

>> The Condensed Recommendations

As a reminder, here are what we have agreed as the ‘headline’ versions of the condensed recommendations (which we’ve done to allow us to take forwards all the ideas you came up with, whether they got 80% of the citizen’s votes or not!)

Encounters with Arts and Culture
A city-wide scheme that provides an inclusive, accessible, rounded and easy to navigate menu of opportunities for every Coventry resident to encounter arts and culture close to home. These encounters (everything from deliberately programmed – eg into the school day – to total chance encounters in public space) encourage and allow people of all ages to discover, develop or pursue their interest in the arts as audiences, participants and/or creators. From entertainment and wellbeing through to training and career pathways, these encounters ensure that creative activity is normalised/demystified through increased access to arts, culture and creativity, local artists and industry creatives and knowledge.

Cov Art Pass
A scheme that gives all young Coventry residents aged 15-25 a pass for free travel, and entry, to arts and cultural events in the city.

Make Something Happen Fund
A small funding pot available to Coventry residents to enable them to put on creative and cultural events in their neighbourhood. These might just be up to £200 and the application process should be very simple and transparent.

Neighbourhood Creative Hubs
Network of inclusive neighbourhood Creative Hubs designed to connect, integrate and educate communities. Each individual neighbourhood hub is created by and for the local residents (and therefore does what its local community needs it to do) but all are safe, familiar, easily accessible, flexible, inclusive, multipurpose, empty but equipped, open access. They are networked across neighbourhoods to allow for even greater connection and exchange.

The People’s Telegraph
There is a need for a new, efficient, co-ordinated, decentralised, people-powered channel for sharing information about events and opportunities that people can get involved in (as audiences, participants, artists) and getting information right out into communities/neighbourhoods. It might be a Street Team network, ‘local champions’ or something that builds on the City Hosts network, but this recommendation is about how people find out what is on in Coventry, recognising that word-of-mouth is hugely effective – as well as giving people excuses to have a conversation.

City Centre Garden
Establish an accessible, central Botanical Garden as a destination for locals and visitors alike, a place for people to get close to nature and a new green heart for the city centre. This might repurpose or adapt an existing space or form part of a new development, but should be free to access and within easy reach of transport links.

The Ring Road as a Work of Art
Use art to beautify the ring road, improve connectivity between the centre and outlying areas and create a more inviting environment.

Green Ways
Create a network of pocket parks and green spaces – connected by walking and cycling trails throughout the city, incorporate art and sculpture, build new parks and incorporate existing ones.

Lighter & Brighter
We recommend adding bright, beautifully designed and environmentally considerate lighting to dark places across the city, to make us feel safer and improve the night-time economy

>> Looking back on the deliberation weekend 27/28 November

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