Currently available to tour: Capsule [more details]


Much of Talking Birds early work was small scale touring theatre – such as Joyridden, Blackbox or Hotel 104 which visited studio theatres up and down the UK and Ireland back in the day. Nowadays we are more likely to be found touring family-friendly outdoor work such as The Whale to high streets, festivals or community events – places where we can site work in a way that people can stumble across it, without having to set foot in a theatre.

Occasionally we do make a piece especially to tour – Capsule is such a piece – and it will be coming out and available to tour once more when Covid allows. If you’re interested in Capsule – as venue booker or audience, do get in touch!


Venturing inside the capsule, nothing is as it seems. This unassuming box will take us on a thrilling journey over and under water, meeting fishing families, cargo workers and travellers – whose stories are as bound up with ours as raindrops are with the ocean.

From rivers that lead to freedom, and canals with narrow options for manoeuvre, to seas filled with intrigue, memories and cries for change, the capsule navigates across the world, offering us an immersive experience for six people at a time.

(Age guidance 10+)

Wow. That’s an amazing show. Make a note and when (crosses fingers) it runs again near you, get it booked. Seriously. You won’t regret it.”

[audience comment]


The Capsule is an enclosed space seating six people, with space for up to two wheelchair users. Audio description is integrated into the performance and Captions will be provided via The Difference Engine app. We also offer BSL interpreted performances on certain days. Please contact us if you have any queries about access. Click here for information on the Difference Engine.

“Slavery, ecological damage, war, refugees and borders are in the great Capsule…this is one of those events to go to. More of this immersive, transformational theatre please…”

[audience comment]

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