We love a walking tour: taking an audience somewhere they’ve not been before, or – with the help of some nifty audio and stories – giving them a different view of somewhere they consider familiar. Our first audio tour was Cityscapes, which was so long ago that our audiences had to borrow a CD walkman in order to take part, then The Thomas Crown Affair took people around the Ellen Terry building, with many echoes of its past life as the Odeon Cinema. We took people round Backstage at the Albany, a 1500m tour round the city centre and we have a series of neighbourhood walks (which explore the Spon End, Stoke, Willenhall and Radford areas of Coventry) and are now available as digitally self-guided as well as actor-guided.

If you’d like to join us on an audio tour, or download one of our tours and take yourself for a walk, you can find out more about our current Coventry walking tours here.

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